Digital manifolds Testo
Digital manifolds Testo

Everything at a glance.
In your hand.

Fast measurement and easy operation via large graphic display and your smartphone –
and yet maximally compact and rugged.

The new digital manifolds from Testo.


Today’s way of installing and servicing refrigeration systems and heat pumps.
With the new generation of digital manifolds from Testo.

  • Fast measurement and easy operation
    via large graphic display and testo Smart App
  • Compact, reliable and robust
    thanks to extremely rugged design and easy-to-handle housing
  • Wireless measurement, uncomplicated documentation
    with Bluetooth probes and multi-functional testo Smart App

Which refrigeration measurement type are you?

"I want a big display, not a postage stamp which I’m almost going to need a magnifying glass for."

Stefan, refrigeration technician
refrigeration technician
testo 550s testo 557s

testo 550s / testo 557s – the new standard

For Stefan, we equipped the new, digital manifolds with large, clear, graphic displays and Bluetooth. That gives him all values at a glance, and the commissioning, service and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems are carried out faster and more easily than ever before.

"A measuring instrument is a tool – and first and foremost, it needs to be tough."

Manfred, refrigeration plant fitter
refrigeration plant fitter
testo 550i

testo 550i – the analog killer

Manfred is happy that testo 550i, the smallest manifold in the world, is not only robust and reliable, but can be easily operated via smartphone.

"I want everything to happen in one App: measurement, calculation and reporting."

Marco, refrigeration mechatronics engineer
Marco, refrigeration mechatronics engineer
testo 550i

testo 550i – the gamechanger

Marco does everything by smartphone. In life – and now in his job too. We developed the testo 550i, the world’s only completely App-controlled manifold, just for people like him. It allows him to measure, document and send reports wirelessly.

The right measuring instrument for every application.

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Measuring instrument refrigeration systems
  • High-precision measurements of pressure, temperature, superheat and subcooling
  • Ensure tightness of refrigeration systems
  • Test and optimize the efficiency of the system

You have to deal with refrigeration and air conditioning systems?

Then our digital manifolds in the practical kits are perfect for you. With wireless smart probes for temperature and vacuum, immediately ready to use in a robust case.

Heat pumps

Measuring instrument heat pumps
  • High-precision measurements of pressure and temperature
  • Controlled refrigerant service
  • Easy tightness testing and evacuation

Do you have to deal with heat pumps?

Then our digital manifolds in the heat pump kit are perfect for you. With all the necessary filling hoses and cleverly stowed in the robust case, they’re immediately ready for work.

Be smart, measure smart. Clever companion for all manifolds.

testo 552i – wireless and hoseless

testo 552i

With the new, App-controlled vacuum probe testo 552i, you can measure vacuum wirelessly, without hoses, simply via a 45° service port.

testo Smart App – one for everything

testo Smart App

With the testo Smart App, you turn your smartphone into a mobile, multi-functional command centre for all applications involving refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps.

Other measuring instruments for refrigeration, air conditioning or heating pros

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Practical brochure
digital manifolds

Everything important on the new generation of digital manifolds from Testo for free download.

Reference report: testo 557s thrills Marco Slump

The new digital manifold testo 557s in use at the heating and refrigeration technology company Slump (NL).

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Application videos
testo 557s

Video instructions for testo 557s and testo Smart App in use: pressure leak test, evacuation, adjusting and servicing.