Infrared thermometers from Testo: high-precision, safe and robust

Temperature is surely the most frequently measured physical quantity. There are various options available for measuring temperature using infrared light. In addition to traditional thermometers, pyrometers (also known as laser thermometers or IR thermometers) are also proven instruments for measuring temperature.

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An infrared thermometer from Testo offers you the following

  • An instrument for the fast, non-contact measurement of the surface temperature.
  • Easy temperature measurement, even with dynamic processes or in locations that are difficult to access.
  • Reliable temperature measurement with cost-effective technology.

Our pyrometers and infrared thermometers

Infrared thermometers

Infrared thermometers

Highlight: Smart Probe

Highlight: Smart Probe

How do you want to measure? Our infrared thermometers at a glance

Infrared classics

The classic solution with 1, 2, 4 or 8-point laser.

Infrared + core temperature

infrared thermometers
In addition to infrared measurement of the surface temperature, also measures the core temperature using the penetration probe.

Infrared + humidity

Infrared thermometers
Also measures indoor air humidity and dew point distance etc.

Practical kits

Practical kits
With our kits, you’ll be ready to start straight away!

Infrared + core temperature

Practical kits

Where do you want to measure? Infrared thermometers for any application

Mould detection

Measuring food temperatures

Checking incoming goods in catering

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Measuring food temperature correctly with infrared thermometers.

Background information on infrared measurement

Although the IR thermometer is an ideal instrument for measuring temperature, certain aspects also have to be considered:

  • Emissivity of the measurement object. Testo laser thermometers have a stored emissivity table.
  • In cool surroundings, this thermometer requires a certain acclimatisation time.
  • Do not stand too far away from the measurement object, otherwise the measurement will be inaccurate.

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Correct measurement made easy: pro tips for using laser thermometers

A temperature measuring instrument such as the infrared thermometer is precise, safe and easy to operate. With a couple of useful tips and tricks, you can achieve even better measurement results:

  1. The right model: To begin with, there is the most important question of all: what type of temperature measuring instrument do you need? Is a model with laser sufficient, or do you also have to measure core temperatures using a penetration thermometer?
  2. Risk of mould? Detecting mould requires a special solution. In this case, we recommend either the Smart Probes from Testo or the testo 835-H1 with special humidity module.
  3. Acclimatisation time: Before starting measurement, the acclimatisation time first has to be taken into account. This is the time that is needed until the thermometer has adjusted itself to the ambient temperature. This can take some time in cool rooms in particular.
  4. Emissivity: Virtually every object emits radiation. This is represented by the emissivity. The emissivity of each measurement object must be set before measurement. Testo IR thermometers have a stored emissivity table. This simplifies operation even further.
  5. Measurement spot: Depending on the distance of the measuring instrument from the measurement object, a specific measuring range is recorded. This is the measurement spot. The measurement object should always be larger than the measurement spot specified in the documentation of the measuring instrument in order to prevent undesirable influences from the marginal area.

testo 835-H1 with humidity measurement

Your advantages with the testo 835-H1

  • 4-Point-Laser: shows the exact measuring zone, effectively preventing wrong measurements
  • 50:1 optics that provide you with excellent surface temperature measurements even over greater distances (distance 5 m = 10 cm measurement spot)
  • Adjustable degree of emission for measuring a wide variety of different surfaces
  • Connectivity for temperature sensors: for additional contact measurements for materials with low degree of emission possible – simply connect your optionally available temperature sensor

The laser thermometer for the most stringent demands

Over 60 years ago, Testo launched its very first product – an electronic thermometer. This experience in developing innovative temperature measuring instruments can now be seen in the testo 835-H1 – the ultimate tool for non-contact temperature measurement.

Other thermometers from Testo without infrared technology

Temperature measuring instrument

Using your smartphone as a temperature measuring instrument

Are you looking for a clever surface temperature measuring instrument that not only offers precise measurement, but also makes your everyday work more efficient than ever before by using your smartphone? If so, the Smart Probes testo 805i (infrared thermometer with smartphone operation) and testo 115i (clamp thermometer with smartphone operation) are the perfect choice. Both transmit all readings directly to the testo Smart App on your smartphone – for more flexible work and paperless documentation via e-mail.

Thermal imagers

Making temperature readings and temperature differences visible is important in heating engineering, building, industry or the electrical trade above all. With thermal imagers from Testo, you can check heating systems, localise thermal bridges and examine mechanical systems and switch cabinets. And all this at an unbeatable price-performance ratio!

In liquids

Immersion thermometers are the ideal choice for measuring temperatures in liquid, pasty and semi-solid media. Special models are even available for measurement in aggressive liquids such as acids or alkalis – perfect for use in laboratories.

Other temperature measurement options

Do you want to not only measure temperatures, but also record them over individual periods? Then you need a temperature data logger. Measuring intervals are freely selectable, an alarm notification is sent via e-mail/SMS when required and the devices themselves can save up to 2 million readings. It goes without saying that your data is also kept safe if the logger battery is empty. Temperature measuring strips are suitable for checking the temperature quickly and easily. These self-adhesive foils are attached to the measurement object and change colour depending on the temperature. Available in five designs for different temperature ranges.