Testo's temperature probes

Temperature – surely the most frequently measured value. There is a correspondingly comprehensive choice of appropriate measuring technology for this task. Because, in addition to the appropriate measuring instrument, every temperature measurement also requires an appropriate temperature probe.

At Testo, we have been dealing with temperature measurement since the company was founded more than 60 years ago and therefore know exactly what counts and what measuring instruments you need to get high-precision results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tips for correct temperature measurement

  • Air, water, food, surfaces – there is an appropriate probe for virtually every medium.
  • You can carry out non-contact measurement of surface temperatures.
  • Penetration probes also enable immersion measurements in liquids.

Which temperature probe are you interested in?

Air probes

Temperature sensor for air temperature
Robust technology with fast response time for precise air temperature measurement.

Penetration probes

Penetration Thermometer for temperature
For temperature measurement in liquids and semi-solid media.

Surface probes

Temperature measurement with surface probes
Surface temperature measurement with a very fast response – even in difficult to access locations.

Globe thermometers

Temperature monitoring  with globe thermometer

Norm-compliant measurement of radiant heat; including at the workplace.

Temperature probes

Temperature probes from Testo offer you the following

  • Comprehensive selection for all measuring tasks
  • Individual customized products possible
  • Calibration via the experts in the Testo Industrial Services subsidiary

Temperature Probes from Testo Sensor

Collage of Testo Sensor temperature sensors
Cable probes, immersion probes and many other temperature probes and transmitters can be found at the probe experts of Testo Sensor GmbH.

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Know-how: probe and temperature sensor

There are temperature measurement probes for a variety of media. Their design is different, depending on the task. So, there are different probes for measuring air, on surfaces or in measurement objects. In each of these sub-groups, there are in turn differences in terms of accuracy, response time and measuring range.

Surface probes have a temperature sensor which ensures that the temperature on a measurement object can be determined as quickly and precisely as possible. There are cable probes for almost every measuring task in the temperature measurement range. Their most prominent feature is the cable connection between the probe and the measuring instrument. This transmits the measuring values. The radio probe is the opposite of the cable probe. Here, the measuring values are transmitted wirelessly.

However, no matter what probe is used: they all have a temperature sensor. And in terms of sensors, the following designs can be distinguished:

Know-how temperature probe


The measurement of temperatures using thermocouples is based on the thermoelectric effect: electric current flows in a circuit if its cable consists of two different alloys and their contact points have different temperatures. If the temperature at one of the contact points is known (cold junction), the "thermoelectric voltage" present is a direct measure of the temperature difference between measuring point (hot end) and cold junction (cold end).

Platinum resistance sensors

Platinum resistance sensors (Pt 100 sensors) are generally based on the so-called positive temperature coefficient resistor effect (PTC resistor effect). Metals have the characteristic of increasing their electric resistance as the temperature rises. This can be used for temperature measurements.


Thermal resistors or thermistors are modern, inexpensive temperature sensors made from mixed oxide ceramic. Because they have a strong negative temperature coefficient, the term NTC is also used. Their resistance falls as the temperature rises. They therefore behave in exactly the opposite way to Pt100 sensors.

Feel-good ambient conditions in the workplace

Globe thermometer for measuring feel-good ambient conditions in the workplace

Testo's globe thermometer

Thermal comfort level plays an important role when it comes to the feel-good factor for people in the workplace. One element of the thermal comfort level is the so-called radiant temperature. It may for instance be of importance in workplaces exposed to heat (e.g. furnaces). However, solar radiation through an office window also leads to radiant temperatures being too high.

With Testo's globe thermometer, you can measure the radiant heat in a range from 0 to 120°C in accordance with ISO 7243, ISO 7726, DIN EN 27726 and DIN 33403 – essential for norm-compliant comfort level measurement.

Globe thermometer in the webshop

Further measuring instruments

Temperature monitoring

Temperature data loggers are ideal for temperature monitoring in storage areas, offices or residential buildings. They deal with measurement, storage and even alarm notifications when there are violations of limit values. On the other hand, with temperature measuring strips virtually every field on the strip is a temperature sensor. The colour of the corresponding area on the measuring strip changes according to the temperature.

More measuring instruments for temperature measurement

Temperature probes for measurement in objects

When you have to measure temperatures inside a measurement object, the penetration thermometer is the right choice. Along with an appropriate temperature sensor for temperature measurement in foods or liquids, it ensures that you can see all the values straight away. The same is true with the immersion thermometer. Its temperature sensor is likewise designed for measurement in liquid and semi-solid media.

More than temperature measurement

If you would really like to work with your smartphone, and also want to measure pressure and flow velocities as well as temperature, Testo's Smart Probes are your first choice. Their compactness, precision, low price and smartphone operation mean they quickly become essential companions.

Probes for surfaces

A surface temperature meter is recommended for measuring the temperature on surfaces. The accessories available with surface temperature meters include cable probes and surface probes and the meters enable temperature measurement on surfaces via direct contact with the measurement object.

Or you may instead go for Testo's thermal imagers. For their part, thermal imagers fulfil these measuring tasks from a distance without any contact. In addition, they convert the surface radiation of the object into an impressive thermal image.