pH meters from Testo: the right measuring instrument for every measurement!

Depending on the medium, pH measurement can become a challenge. Testo's high-precision pH meters have proved themselves everywhere where particularly reliable and efficient pH measurements are required.

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  • testo 206-pH2 testo 206 pH2

    testo 206-pH2 - pH meter

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    • Ideal for measuring the pH value of semi-solid media, viscous and protein-containing foodstuffs (eg. processed cheese, fruit) and water-mixed solid cooling lubricants
    • Temperature measurements with integrated temperature sensor possible

pH measurement with Testo – simple and efficient

  • Ideal for the measurement of the pH value in semi-solid, viscoplastic and liquid media.
  • Fast, easy pH and temperature measurement with just one measuring probe.
  • Also the best solution for sensitive applications, for instance in the food or pharmaceutical industries.
  • Testo's pH meters impress thanks to outstanding performance and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

pH meters from Testo: the right measuring instrument for every measurement!

With permanent probes

Testo pH meters
Measure temperature as well as pH value.

With connectable probes

Determining pH
Flexible to use through connection of external probes.

Practical kits

Practical kits

With our kits, you’ll be ready to start straight away!


pH measurement
Everything you need for pH measurement: from pH buffer solution to pH value test strips.

pH meters with permanent probes

pH meters with connectable probes

Practical kits

pH measurement made easy: pH meters and accessories from Testo

Determine the pH value more precisely with the ideal meter: really easy with Testo

pH meters

The pH value is an important parameter for numerous applications, whether in the pharmaceutical industry, environmental technology or the food sector. With a Testo meter, pH measurement becomes high-precision in next to no time. Regardless of whether the medium is hot, viscous or aggressive. And a little more information makes the measurement process even more efficient!

  1. Combine measurement of the pH value with temperature: The pH value and temperature play an important role, particularly in food production. Work processes become more efficient when you control both parameters in one measurement process. It makes sense to use a measuring instrument here which enables you to measure the pH value and temperature at the same time. Testo offers a huge quantity of pH meters with either permanently integrated or connectable temperature probes specially for butchers and bakers.
  2. pH measurement in aggressive media: Extremely acid, in other words caustic, chemicals often occur in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories. This means you need a meter with a probe that is resistant to aggressive media for measurement of the pH value – and also the temperature. Many of Testo's pH meters offer the advantage of you being able to connect external probes for special applications. This means you are ideally equipped for every application.
  3. More efficient pH measurement with single-rod measuring cell: The advantage of a single-rod measuring cell is that the measuring and reference electrode are installed in one unit. This means you only need one measuring probe for pH measurement, even with the additional integration of a temperature sensor. This design has established itself in practice, because it is considerably easier to handle in comparison to the separate set-up. In addition, probes of this kind have a very long service life.
pH meter

pH measurement – good to know:

The pH value is an important indicator in numerous chemical and biochemical reactions and stands for "pondus hydrogenii" - hydrogen weight. Why?

  • The pH value quantifies the concentration of hydrogen ions in or on a medium. To do this, the hydrogen ion concentration is converted to electrical voltage.
  • The pH value scale ranges from 0 = extremely acid (e.g. hydrochloric acid) to 14 (extremely alkaline, such as sodium hydroxide).
  • The pH readings enable precise statements about the acid or alkaline character of a substance, or its neutrality at a pH value of 7. This means consistent quality of food or drugs can be guaranteed.
  • In purely arithmetical terms, there are also pH values which are above or below the scale. However, they have no practical significance.

Special measuring instruments for the food industry: you can rely on Testo!

pH measurement in the food industry not only needs to be particularly precise, but also requires versatile measuring instruments. Because it has to be possible to use them for a really wide variety of media: for semi-solid substances, such as meat, for viscoplastic media such as jelly, quark or cheese and of course for liquids such as milk, drinks or water. You will find the best possible probes and sensors for every application at Testo. And everything else which you need in terms of accessories and consumables.
cooking oil tester

pH measurement in cooking oil? TPM!

Cooking oil measurement is one of the most common routine measurements in catering. Just a visual inspection or checking the smell is not enough for you to be able to assess whether the quality of the cooking oil is still perfect and meets the legal requirements. A Testo cooking oil tester makes the quality test lightning fast for you – and without any chemicals. Capacitive oil sensors and a special design enable measurement in hot fat and in the process protect users from the hot deep fat fryer. A large illuminated display clearly shows whether the critical TPM values have been reached. You therefore save unnecessarily frequent replacements of the cooking oil based just on suspicion. And, from a long-term perspective, your costs for cooking oil can fall by up to 20%.