Vacuum gauge from Testo: evacuate systems reliably

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Intelligent error analysis, world's longest battery life of up to 360 hours and large data memory
High-precision vacuum measurement is an absolute must when it comes to the evacuation of heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Vacuum gauges which enable remote monitoring via smartphone and tablet are becoming increasingly popular in this area.

What is a Testo vacuum gauge capable of? Everything!

Testo's vacuum gauges are not only first class in technical terms, but also practical to use. Because high-precision measuring values are one key issue – a smooth work process is the other. A Testo vacuum gauge therefore offers you the following:

  • All the values you want to know for the reliable evacuation of heat pumps or refrigeration systems. High precision.
  • A robust, water and dust-resistant housing which is always there for you.
  • Optical alarm and a luminous display.
  • A digital vacuum gauge with Bluetooth testo Smart App: for smart vacuum measurement via smartphone/tablet.

Classic gauge or manifold? You will find your ideal measuring device for vacuum here

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Vacuum gauge

Manifolds with vacuum measurement

Where do you want to use your vacuum gauge?

Vacuum measurement – this is how to do it:

It is self-evident (for us at Testo) that a vacuum gauge provides values of the highest possible precision. But that's not enough. Because it is not just the low pressures, but also above all the small details that make the evacuation of refrigeration systems or heat pumps smooth in the first place. And these are what will make you happy, at the latest when you start the vacuum measurement. They include:

  • A hook: a suspension hook on the vacuum gauge secures the instrument during the measurement process – and ensures your freedom of movement. Because you have more important things to do than thinking about where you can put your vacuum gauge down to ensure it is well protected while the evacuation is ongoing. Above all when you are working in unknown cellars.
  • Stability: vacuum gauges with robust housings and a metal valve block are just made for harsh working environments – and ultimately that is what we have to deal with. Air conditioning systems are seldom evacuated on soft carpeted floors. And if so? Then you are also guaranteed to find the right vacuum gauge for this at Testo.
  • Display illumination: a large. illuminated display is a must, not an option. Who wants to pull out reading glasses or a torch when dealing with a vacuum? Certainly not you. You want a fast, professional evacuation of your system with a fast, professional vacuum gauge.

Evacuation of refrigeration systems with testo 557s

Relaxed measurement even under time pressure: with good tips and the right vacuum gauge

Vacuum measurement involves very low pressures and thus extremely small forces. A quick reminder: pressure is the force exerted by gas molecules on the vessel wall – in more precise terms, their impacts. The lower the pressure falls, the finer the mechanisms have to be, with appropriate sophistication of the instrument technology, in order to be able to measure these fine effects. However, even a high-precision vacuum gauge from the market leader Testo will become even more precise if you take on board the following tips for vacuum measurement:

  1. Zeroing the pressure sensor! Please never forget: before you start the evacuation of a system, it is absolutely essential for you to zero your measuring device for vacuum. This is the only way to ensure your vacuum measurement is correct – and your schedule.
  2. Oil on the sensor? Does your vacuum gauge operate with a high-precision Pirani sensor? Make sure that there are no contaminants such as oil on the sensitive, high-tech component. With such fine measuring ranges, the accuracy of the measurement results can be influenced by even the smallest irritations. In the event of a contamination, professionals can easily clean the sensor opening themselves with a few drops of rubbing alcohol.
  3. Digital vacuum: To make it clear from the start: there is no digital vacuum beyond the Google universe. Even a Testo digital vacuum gauge cannot locate a digital vacuum, let alone create one. A vacuum is a state of complete emptiness, which cannot be achieved on PCs or mobile terminal devices, at least from a technical perspective. Or to put it in physical terms: if the pressure for instance falls below 300 mbar during the evacuation of a refrigeration system and you remove pressure from the system molecule by molecule using a good vacuum pump, you achieve a low vacuum, with a very good pump even a medium vacuum, theoretically even a high vacuum and finally an ultra-high vacuum, if you leave quantum physics out of it. You will never achieve a digital vacuum. But smooth evacuation is possible when you rely on a digital vacuum gauge from Testo.

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Buying a vacuum gauge

Vacuum measurement – what it's all about

When commissioning heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, vacuum gauges are used, always in conjunction with a vacuum pump that creates the vacuum in the system. In this respect, your vacuum gauge should always meet the following requirements: 

  • Pressure sensor with a high level of accuracy in the lower measuring range (e.g. a Pirani probe).
  • Wireless monitoring of absolute pressure.
  • Measurement of the evaporation temperature of H₂O.
  • Optical alarm when a limit value is exceeded.

Buying a vacuum gauge: take care when comparing performance

When comparing the accuracy data specified for different instruments, you should make sure that they are not "only valid under laboratory conditions". What counts for you is the performance your vacuum gauge achieves in real use. On the other hand, you can always rely on Testo's accuracy data!

Do you already have a vacuum gauge? A manifold is the perfect addition.

Testo is always working flat out to develop the perfect measuring instrument for everything that can be measured as well. "Be sure" – you can be sure – we promise you, and by this we do not just mean the precision of our vacuum gauges. But also that you will find exactly the right measuring instrument for you to deal with every measuring task in industry, research, technology and trade.
Measure vacuum

Manifold for professionals. Not just for vacuum measurement.

A Testo manifold can do virtually anything that is required for the commissioning, servicing and maintenance of heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. You will have numerous functions in a pleasingly compact and robust instrument. Testo's manifolds measure temperatures, calculate superheating or subcooling, take on temperature-compensated leakage testing for you and help you to measure vacuum. The process is even smarter: because your manifold sends all the data via Bluetooth to the practical testo Refrigeration App which you have installed on your smartphone or tablet. Measuring today's way. At least with Testo.

If the system is leaking: better to have a Testo leak detector

If there is the risk of a leak, you have to act quickly, so that you can immediately stop any substances that are aggressive or harmful to health which might be escaping. You need a fast and clever instrument for leak detection. The best solution is a Testo leak detector which combines both features. And what's more is also high-precision, recognizes all common refrigerants and is easy to handle even in difficult-to-access measurement environments. However, not in a vacuum. There, you should resort to a vacuum gauge again.

Absolute pressure and differential pressure: special pressure measuring instruments from Testo

The pressure sensor makes the difference: it has to be the right one, not only for the measuring values to be highly precise, but also for them to suit your task. For absolute pressure measurement, it has proved to be advantageous to rely on an absolute pressure meter from the market leader Testo. Testo not only offers you ultimate quality, but also an ultimate price-performance ratio. That is unbeatable. Testo also plays in the Champions League when it comes to the differential pressure gauge segment. Choose your ideal pressure measuring instrument from a large range of top products and accessories.