USB data logger – a practical aid for long-term measurements

There are a number of work environments where continuous and reliable data recording for parameters such as temperature or humidity is relevant. For instance, verifiable, uninterrupted data logs are an obligation in the food industry. At the same time, constant data monitoring helps to detect problem areas at an early stage. A USB data logger enables precise measurement and recording of data in next to no time. Thanks to the practical USB interface, data packets can be read out directly on the PC and analyzed using the appropriate software.

At the same time, several of a USB data logger's functions are also capable of impressing:

  • Easy use – both stationary and mobile
  • Precise data recording
  • Adjustable measuring cycle
  • Fast connection to a PC
  • Comprehensive equipment, such as a shock data logger

Products for data monitoring and documentation via USB

Temperature data logger

Data logger for temperature

Practical aids for temperature monitoring.

Humidity data logger

Data loggers for temperature and humidity
Reliable measurement and documentation of humidity and temperature values.

Pressure data logger

Data logger for pressure
Detailed monitoring of pressure and other values.

Shock data logger

Data logger for vibrations
Recording of vibrations for the optimum transport monitoring.

Ideal USB-data loggers for every application

USB measuring instrument: no additional labour required

No matter whether in the food industry or in a calibration laboratory: if measurements have to be continuously and regularly carried out, it is almost impossible for an employee to fulfil this task. Because whereas there was still a large enough workforce available in the past to take on these kinds of tasks, nowadays an ever increasing workload has to be covered by fewer and fewer employees.

Data loggers for pressure, temperature and other values fit exactly into the concept in this respect. Because fully automatic data acquisition and data storage does not require any extra effort from the workforce. Data readout can be carried out virtually in passing. USB data loggers are an efficient solution for a laborious task in internal quality control or in the context of a record keeping requirement.

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Data logger with USB for uninterrupted measurements

If you are legally dependent on proving continuous measurement protocols, a USB data logger is an interesting option. You can use the instruments in a variety of fields. Depending on the design, it is possible to use the data loggers with a USB interface in both very high and very low temperatures.

Many of the data loggers allow several parameters to be recorded: temperature, air pressure, gas values. The internal memory should ideally feature enough measurement data for the required period of time and required clock rate. Nowadays, handheld measuring instruments of all kinds enable the measurement data that has just been recorded to be printed out on site. This is not necessarily possible for long-term measurements. USB data loggers therefore offer the solution of comprehensive data storage.

Current measuring values can be directly read out on the display. Signal lamps make it possible to see whether problems have arisen during the measurement period, for example because individually determined upper or lower limit values have been exceeded.

It is important for USB data loggers to have certain features for them to be fully serviceable, even in demanding environments:

  • Resistant to heat or cold
  • Robust housing
  • At least splash-proof
  • Long rechargeable battery lives
Datalogger transport

USB data loggers with an unlimited operating time

USB-Datalogger the transport of pharmaceuticals on dry ice

You will find a series of USB data loggers in the Testo range which are optimized for a wide variety of areas of application. The testo 184 T4 logger is a measuring value logger which can be used at temperatures down to -80°C. This means the temperature data logger is ideal for applications including temperature measurement during the transport of pharmaceuticals on dry ice.

The measuring instrument's simple design enables you to see at a glance whether the limit values have been adhered to during transport. LED lights give the relevant signals. If you wish to analyze all the measurement data in detail, the logger is directly connected to a computer. An up-to-date PDF report is generated fully automatically.

Right from delivery, all the necessary software components for this procedure are directly stored in the testo 184 T4 USB data logger:

  • Configuration file
  • Acceptance test certificate
  • Instruction manual

You can record up to 40,000 measuring values with the data logger. The measuring cycle can be freely adjusted: from 1 minute through to 24 hours. Depending on the ambient temperature and the frequency of the measurements, the instrument can remain in continuous operation for up to 10 days. The batteries then need to be replaced.

Data loggers are easy to handle

Furthermore, it is not necessary to learn how to use data loggers for temperature and humidity measurements. The user-friendly instruments can be immediately integrated into day-to-day work without any training. You can also assign the handling of this area to untrained staff.

The data loggers can be used both as mobile and stationary instruments. If data loggers accompany goods during transport, cold chain compliance can easily be proved. An optical signal immediately indicates whether there has been an interruption of the cold chain.

In storage areas, at production points or at points of sale, USB data loggers are also a great help. After installation, measurements are carried out automatically and data recorded immediately.

USB data loggers in storage-areas

Integrate the measuring value logger into day-to-day work

Datalogger collage

We also offer you a series of practical accessories. These include a mobile printer which you can use to print out current measurement data on site. You can securely fix data loggers at a number of locations using additional brackets. You get a comprehensive data monitoring system with the ComSoft Professional software.

Rely on Testo's first-class product range. We understand the special requirements which you set for measuring instruments of all classes. Helpful products like a USB data logger not only enable you to work efficiently, but also in accordance with both national and international requirements. Our range also includes WiFi data loggers.