Material moisture meter from Testo: versatile, high-precision and reliable

Material moisture meters are indispensable when it comes to determining moisture in buildings and timber and discovering the cause of moisture damage. Material moisture measurement is quick and easy to do nowadays, even for private users. A wide range of different instrument models and humidity probes enable non-destructive measurement in virtually all common materials and timber.

Mould detection with Smart Probes

What you should keep in mind for material moisture measurement

A Testo moisture meter is particularly easy to operate. Nevertheless, you should adhere to a few physical rules to ensure you are able to enjoy the maximum precision performance from your measuring instrument:

  • You should not let your own body heat or breath reach the probe.
  • Gentle movement helps the probe adjust to the right temperature.
  • Always measure relative humidity in the middle of the room at a height of around 110 cm. On the other hand, the absolute humidity in a room does not depend on the location.

Outstanding humidity sensor technology: material moisture meters from Testo

Meters with permanent probes

Material moisture meter
The classic solutions for easy, fast material moisture measurement.

Meters with connectable probes

Material moisture measurement
Can do more than just measure material moisture – simply attach more probes.

Humidity probes

Material moisture measurement
Attach the right probe to the temperature or humidity measuring instrument for each application. As a cable, duct or wall version.

Material moisture meter with permanent probes

Material moisture meter with connectable probes


Where do you want to measure material moisture? Measuring instruments for all environments

Professional quality material moisture meter – for private users too

With a Testo material moisture meter, you are perfectly equipped for every requirement involving material moisture. Your advantages:

  • High-precision sensor technology for high-precision measurement of wood/material moisture. 
  • Handy material moisture meter for fast and easy operation. 
  • All the important material characteristics for wood types and building materials are stored.
  • Clear, illuminated displays make handling easier.
  • Large selection of different models and humidity probes – the right instrument for every application.
  • And the best thing is: cutting-edge performance at a persuasive price.

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Avoid moisture damage: professional tips for material moisture measurement

There can be many different causes for moisture in buildings or timber. The most common of these are rainwater ingress, unprofessionally installed drainage, pipe ruptures or incorrectly stored wood which has been further processed with the wrong moisture for installation. A Testo material moisture meter enables you to determine the material moisture quickly and simply. It works even better if you bear in mind the following tips: 

  1. Avoid measurement errors:
    With material moisture measurement, it is important that your own body heat and above all warm breath do not flow onto the probe. A remedy for this is moving the probe around – not too vigorously, but also not too slowly. This allows the probe to adjust to the right temperature and to detect the material moisture accurately.
  2. Assess material moisture:
    When you assess material moisture for the first time, you should bear these four factors in mind: 1. Production of humidity in the room. 2. Air exchange with the outside air, as well as its temperature and degree of humidity. 3. Ability of walls and furnishings to absorb humidity. And 4. Transport of humidity by external building components.
  3. Prevent mould formation:
    If surfaces are too wet, mould will form sooner or later. The surface moisture function of the Testo thermal imagers enable you to detect the areas susceptible to mould at an early stage and to take the appropriate measures.
  4. Measuring accuracy:
    All air and air conditioning technology is governed by standards and directives which are uniform all over Europe. This means an accuracy of ± 15% is stipulated for humidity measurement when commissioning air technology systems. Make sure you use a high-precision material moisture meter for the measurement in order to obtain standard-compliant measurement results. With Testo you are always on the safe side.
Material moisture measurement

Measuring material moisture is not the only thing – discover more moisture meters from Testo

Material moisture meter

Material moisture meter with a data logger

Would you like not just to measure material moisture, but also to continuously determine and record the measurement data? Then a moisture data logger is the ideal instrument for you. You can easily and intuitively programme in min. and max. values or limit values. If limit values are exceeded, an alarm is triggered. Smart software solutions take on the readout of results for you. Furthermore, data loggers with an external humidity probe have a particularly fast response.

Humidity meter with or without material moisture

In addition to material moisture measurement, air humidity is the second important humidity parameter. In most cases, a humidity meter is combined with other relevant measurement parameters, so that you can undertake temperature or material moisture measurement with the same instrument. That is Testo efficiency!

Multifunction measuring instruments

Are you already familiar with the versatile all-rounder from Testo? Our multifunction measuring instruments don't just handle humidity and temperature. They determine every measuring value you need with professional precision. For instance, for setting an air conditioning system and assessing indoor air quality. Smart connections and a huge range of optional probes, make this possible – and the operation still remains really easy. Simply tailor your own ideal all-rounder with Testo.