Measuring surface temperature with Testo measuring instruments

Recording the surface temperature is vitally important for a great number of processes in industry and trade. Amongst other things, it enables the quality criteria of products and systems in heating engineering, the building trade, the energy sector and manufacturing industry to be met.


A Testo surface temperature meter offers you the following

  • Intuitive operation and high-precision measurement results
  • Comprehensive portfolio of exchangeable probes for every application – customized products are also possible
  • Robust construction for daily use
  • Calibration by the experts in our subsidiary, Testo Industrial Services

Products for the measurement of temperature on surfaces

Surface temperature meters

Surface temperature meter

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testo 915i

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With permanently fitted probes

Surface temperature measuring instrument
For the quick and efficient performance of similar measurements.

With connectable probes

Measurement on surfaces
For measurements on/in various objects.

With App

Fast, digital, highly efficient and with an App.

Practical kits

With our kits, you’ll be ready to start straight away!

Surface temperature measuring instruments with built-in probe

Surface temperature measuring instruments with app


Surface temperature probes

Temperature on surfaces
For every surface, for every application and for every budget.

All temperature probes

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Important applications

Temperature measurement
  • Measurement of the U-value on walls – also where there are unknown materials
Surface measuring instrument
  • Measurement of the differential temperature on heating systems
Measure surface temperature with Testo
  • Temperature measurement on uneven surfaces

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Calibrating a surface measuring instrument

“The measurements you take are always out, you just need to know by how much.” There is a lot of truth in these words from Dave Packard, the co-founder of Hewlett-Packard. And, in order to know how accurate (or how inaccurate) your measurements are, a surface temperature meter also needs to be calibrated regularly. This is the only way to ensure that the measurement carried out with it has really been accurately performed.

Calibration: The recording and documentation of the deviation of a measuring instrument from another instrument under prescribed conditions. This instrument is described as the standard. Calibration includes the documentation of the deviation, calculation of the measurement uncertainty and creation of the certificate. Calibration allows conclusions to be drawn on the instrument's past. To clearly indicate the status of a measuring instrument, it must be given a calibration mark.

Adjustment: Setting a measuring instrument to the smallest possible deviation from the correct value. When it comes to adjustment, an intervention on the measuring instrument is necessary.

Traceability means relating measurement results to national or international standards through an unbroken chain of calibrations.

A standard is a metrological comparison object, a comparison material or a precise measuring instrument for the calibration of other measuring instruments. Standards have often been around for a very long time, such as the measures of capacity from Pompeii.

Calibration factsheet

Measuring temperature correctly
A compact summary of everything you need to know about calibration and adjustment.

One for all: multifunction measuring instruments

Measuring surfaces, recording temperature on surfaces – and all the other VAC parameters too! We developed our testo 440 and testo 400 multifunction measuring instruments specifically for these tasks. They are used to record all relevant VAC parameters in office, residential and industrial buildings – intelligently, highly accurately and according to the standards.

Testo's surface temperature meter

A multifunction surface measuring instrument offers you:

  • a complete probe range for versatile applications
  • guided measurement menus for HVAC grid and comfort level measurements
  • precise results in every measuring range

Further measuring instruments

Testo surface thermometers

Contactless measurement of surface temperatures

Do you want to carry out contactless measurement of temperatures on surfaces from a distance? Then, get to know Testo's thermal imagers and infrared thermometers now. IR thermometers are suitable for spot measurements and checks – for instance in industry, or also in the food sector. On the other hand, thermal imagers convert the thermal radiation of a measurement object into an infrared image – this is the way to visualize temperatures. Ideal for heating engineering, industry and the construction sector.

Data loggers and measuring strips

Temperature data loggers and temperature measuring strips are further possibilities for temperature measurement. You can use the loggers to measure, monitor and document temperatures and other VAC parameters over individually adjustable time periods. Ideal for storage areas, office buildings, museums and the transport of temperature-sensitive goods. Temperature measuring strips are self-adhesive. You use them to measure surfaces, by means of the colour of the corresponding field changing irreversibly according to the temperature.

Penetration and immersion thermometers

Penetration thermometers and immersion thermometers are ideally suited for measuring temperatures in liquids, semi-solid media or pastes. They are often used in the food sector as well as in laboratories.