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For over 60 years, we have been developing measurement technology and solutions together with our customers in the most demanding target groups, and we know: Paper-based documentation and manual work are quality risks, and cost time and money. Our answers are the testo Saveris Solutions. They combine innovative measuring technology with intuitively operated software and tailored services. The allow you to noticeably increase your quality, meet your compliance more efficiently – and have the certainty of being able to look forward to future challenges with confidence.


Food Service
QA food service

Automated quality management for restaurant chains.

  • Meet compliance reliably
  • Increase quality sustainably
  • Reduce costs noticeably
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Quality retail

Reliable traceability and maximum efficiency in the food cold chain.

  • Bundle quality data comprehensively
  • Implement quality measures correctly
  • Monitor temperature without interruption
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Quality management Life Sciences

Uninterrupted monitoring – with a single system.

  • Monitor audit-relevant parameters securely
  • Considerably reduce human error
  • Detect deviations early
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Further Industries
Further Industries

Fully automated environmental monitoring

  • All quality-relevant environmental parameters at a glance at all times
  • Time and resource-saving recording and documentation of measured values
  • Avoid critical events with intelligent alarm functions
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Digital food safety with testo Saveris Food

Be ready for tomorrows challenges with Testo’s data-driven, smarter food safety management system. See for yourself:

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