Fully automated environmental monitoring.

Fully automated environmental monitoring

  • All quality-relevant environmental parameters at a glance at all times
  • Time and resource-saving recording and documentation of measured values
  • Avoid critical events with intelligent alarm functions

Everything in view at all times: Environmental monitoring with testo Saveris 1

Continuous monitoring and documentation of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity or differential pressure can quickly become a challenge. The industry-leading monitoring solution testo Saveris 1 provides automated and efficient support in complying with your regulatory requirements.

Without interruption

Complete and seamless documentation of your measurement data thanks to fully automated recording and archiving.


Effortlessly monitor numerous measuring points of different areas and locations with just one system. 


Intelligent and comprehensive alarm management allows you to react at all times to unwanted events before serious consequences arise - you will no longer miss any limit value deviation
Environmental monitoring with testo Saveris 1


An audit trail valid according to international standards as well as electronic signatures document every event performed within the system.


Redundant system backup measures ensure that no measurement data is lost even in the event of power failures or disconnections.


Worldwide access to all your measurement data at any time with simultaneous secure local data storage. All quality data ready for the next audit at the push of a button.

The complete solution from a single source

testo Saveris 1 supports you in four ways. The environmental monitoring system records and analyzes your critical environmental data, alerts you immediately if limit values are violated and can help you optimize your processes. For this, the all-in-one solution uses three performance-related components: Sensors, software and services

Sensors: Reliable recording of quality data.

Thanks to more than 60 years of experience in the manufacture of measuring solutions and sensors, Testo has a variety of the measuring instruments you need to monitor environmental parameters. Precise and reliable sensor technology that can be optimally integrated into your processes is our top priority.  
Sensors: Reliable recording of quality data.

Software: Audit-proof compliance for all relevant data.

The testo Saveris software enables comprehensive analysis and evaluation of all recorded measurement parameters - with access from anywhere. Detailed logging functions and secure archiving of measurement data makes testo Saveris 1 an audit-proof central data management platform that also meets the requirements of the FDA regarding 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 of the EU GMP Directive.
testo Saveris 1 storage

Services: A competent partner worldwide.

Our specially GxP-trained service team accompanies you through all process steps in a customer-oriented and systematic way – from planning, documentation, system qualification and software validation through to service and support. Together with you, we define a tailored service concept in all project phases. You can rely on us during operation, too. We take care of your system and its maintenance, calibration and validation.
testo Saveris 1 storage

testo Saveris 1: The components

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testo Saveris 1 components

The data logger modules

testo Saveris 1 data loggers

Every data logger can be flexibly combined with the three communication modules (WLAN, LAN, testo UltraRange)

  • testo 150 TUC4: Four connections for digital probes via Testo Universal Connector
  • testo 150 TC4: Four connections for thermocouples for applications in extreme conditions
  • testo 150 DIN2: Two connections for standard probes via miniDIN for using the comprehensive Testo probe range
  • testo 150 T1: Internal NTC temperature sensor for monitoring temperature

The communication modules

testo Saveris 1 WLAN

The communication modules allow the use of different communication technologies with the testo 150 data logger modules:

  • Existing infrastructure (WLAN or LAN/Ethernet)
  • testo UltraRange long-range radio technology

Even after commissioning, communication and data logger modules can be flexibly connected with each other and exchanged.

The Base station

testo Saveris 1 Base station
  • The heart of the environmental monitoring system testo Saveris 1
  • testo UltraRange functionality via additional communication module
  • Management and analysis of the measurement values of up to 3,000 channels
  • GxP-compliant alarms in cases of limit value violations or critical system events via integrated LED or connected alarm provider (via relay)
  • Integrated emergency battery for highest data security in case of power cut or other system malfunctions

The Gateway and the testo UltraRange technology

testo Saveris 1 Gateway

The gateway

Access point and transmission support for communication via the independent radio network testo UltraRange with encrypted, proprietary signals.

testo UltraRange radio technology

  • Developed for use in buildings
  • Excellent range and signal robustness
  • Depending on the customer’s wishes, the connected components are wirelessly updated

The analog coupler

testo Saveris 1 analog coupler
  • For the smooth integration of other measurement parameters (e.g. differential pressure)
  • 4 – 20 mA connection via the testo 150 TUC4 data logger module
  • Standardised interface for easy integration

The digital and analog probes

testo Saveris Pharma probes

Digital and analog temperature and humidity probes for high-precision measurements of relevant parameters in a regulated environment.

  • Measuring range from -200 to +1300 °C for almost any possible scenario
  • Probe exchange in seconds without data gaps in the documentation
  • Easy handling and installation
  • Efficient system monitoring with digital door contacts

Transmitter for humidity and differential pressure

testo Saveris 1 measurement transmitter
  • Integration of further physical measurement parameters (e.g. humidity or differential pressure) into the testo Saveris 1 system
  • Ideal solution for highest accuracy and for special applications (high humidity, trace humidity, etc.) in compressed air, drying and air conditioning technology as well as in cleanroom applications

Software and cockpit

testo Saveris 1 software

The testo Saveris 1 software is available in two different versions:

  • PRO Software: For automated and seamless environmental monitoring of cross-location areas which are subject to less strict regulations
  • CFR Software: Validatable version with Audit Trail, electronic signatures and user levels with differing user rights (conformity with 21 CFR Part 11)

Additionally, the testo Saveris cockpit is available:

  • Web-based and intuitive user interface
  • Identify and acknowledge alarms at any time, location-independently and from any end device (smartphone, tablet, PC)
  • Platform-independent data access
  • Integration of individual floor plans for easy and fast localization of measurement locations and alarms

Made for almost any application

The all-in-one solution testo Saveris 1 was designed and implemented in collaboration with experts from industry as well as research and development. High-precision measurement technology, intuitive software and comprehensive services will help you to do your job quickly, efficiently and in compliance with current regulations.

Smooth processes and convenient documentation

In medical, biotechnical, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories and cleanrooms, important climatic parameters have to be monitored. This is the only way to protect sensitive samples and maintain a high quality standard. Temperature in particular is a critical parameter that must be monitored. Humidity and pressure must also be included in standard-compliant environmental monitoring.
testo Saveris 1 Laboratory

Safe production of sensitive pharmaceuticals

If temperature-sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs or lithium batteries are produced and stored under the wrong climatic conditions, the quality and stability of the products can suffer. In most cases, internationally valid minimum standards stipulate that the relevant areas are qualified and the environmental conditions are monitored and documented in a manipulation-proof way.
testo Saveris 1 Production

More security in storage and transport

In the general storage and logistics of goods of any kind, minimum standards are often required when it comes to temperature monitoring. This applies to the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology as well as to the food sector or logistics and industrial companies in general. The reason: Monitoring is the only way to ensure that the quality and safety of products are not jeopardized.
testo Saveris 1 Logistics

Certainty for hospitals and pharmacies

In healthcare, environmental measurement solutions are used in many different areas to ensure patient safety and to reduce the risk of product losses and compliance violations. Whether in hospital operating theatres and treatment rooms to monitor medications, in a blood and tissue bank to protect samples, or in an in-house pharmacy where sensitive medications are manufactured and stored.
testo Saveris 1





“Continuity of data is crucial for us. The high degree of redundancy of the testo Saveris 1 system was one of the key factors in selecting Testo and its solution as a supplier.”


Operations Lead Inventory Manager of a Top 10 pharmaceutical company

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