Measuring instruments and all-in-one solutions for the healthcare sector

In the healthcare sector, the well-being of patients is paramount. This includes monitoring the storage conditions of medicines. Sensitive substances such as blood and tissue require specially protected conditions. (Hospital) pharmacies also produce special pharmaceuticals: a process which is subject to various regulations.

Testo’s measuring solutions monitor sensitive medications, thereby protecting the health of your patients. They also minimize the risk of expensive product losses and ensure a standard-compliant environment.

Here, you will find the perfect measuring solution for your area of application

To store sensitive medicines, temperatures need to be kept constant. Pharmacies are obligated to monitor and document these values. Measuring solutions from Testo support pharmacies in their important work and prevent batches from having to be discarded:

  • Continuous monitoring of humidity and temperature
  • Automatic documentation
  • Alarm function when limit values are exceeded
  • Special kits for medical refrigerators

In hospitals and clinics, defined environmental values have to be maintained: Whether this relates to the storage of drugs and blood reserves or in operating theatres, cleanrooms and wards. Measuring solutions from Testo offer you reliable protection from product losses and compliance violations.

  • Systematic IAQ monitoring
  • Ensure correct storage of vaccines, samples and blood reserves
  • Warning in the event of limit value violations
  • Special kits for medical refrigerators

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