testo Smart App

Order-Nr.  0501 5001

  • All in one: One app for all Bluetooth®-enabled Testo measuring instruments for air conditioning/refrigeration systems and heat pumps

  • Quick and easy: Measurement menus for numerous applications provide optimum support in configuring and carrying out measurements, e.g. superheating/subcooling

  • Clear graphical presentation of readings, e.g. as a table, for quick interpretation of results

  • Create digital measurement reports including photos as PDF/CSV files on site and send via e-mail

Carry out measurements and documentation for your mobile applications easily via app: Use the testo Smart App for all your refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation applications with the Bluetooth measuring instruments from Testo. The app is available as a free download and features intuitive measurement menus and smart functions such as creating and sending digital measurement reports.


Product Description

Everything in one app: The testo Smart App

  • For operating all testo Smart Probes
  • Allows you to use your tablet/smartphone as a second screen when taking measurements with compatible measuring instruments, e.g. the Testo digital manifolds with Bluetooth, the testo 770-3 clamp meter, the testo 552 vacuum gauges or the testo 420 volume flow hood
  • Intuitive measurement menus, easy documentation, sending of measurement reports as PDF or Excel
  • For all refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation applications
  • Available as a free download with the full range of functions
  • Clever: Data exchange between app and PC in conjunction with the PC software testo DataControl. With both applications, you can create customers and measuring points, draw up reports and lots more, and synchronize your data easily

Delivery Scope

Download testo Smart App with its full range of functions for Android and iOS free of charge.

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Technical Data

General technical data

System requirements

requires iOS 13.0 or newer; requires Android 8.0 or newer; requires mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0


Refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, heat pumps

  • Tightness test: Recording and analysis of the pressure curve
  • Determination of high and low pressure, automatic determination of condensation and evaporation temperature and calculation of superheating/subcooling. All results can be read simultaneously on one screen
  • Automatic calculation of the target superheat
  • Measure vacuum: Graphic progression display of the measurement with indication of the start and differential value

Indoor air quality and comfort level

  • Automatic calculation of the dewpoint and wet bulb temperature

Ventilation systems

  • Duct measurements: Fully automatic calculation of the volume flow via the app after input of the duct cross-section
  • Outlet measurements: Easy parameterization of the outlet (dimensions and geometry), contrast and comparison of volume flows of several outlets when adjusting a ventilation system, continuous and multi-point mean calculation

Conventional heating systems

  • Differential pressure measurement: Measurement menu for the pressure-drop test including alerts
  • Temperature measurement: Rapid detection of temperature changes via graphic progression display, easy selection of emissivity thanks to stored materials list