Testo's absolute pressure meter: high-precision measurement, reliable monitoring

Absolute pressure measurement is the conventional method for measuring pressure in a sealed system, for instance when venting a system with a vacuum pump or evacuating refrigeration systems or heat pumps.

Measuring absolute pressure – your advantages with Testo

  • Compact and durable design for protecting the vacuum in the measurement sensor.
  • Also for applications in difficult-to-access or aggressive environments.
  • Very wide range of possible applications, for example in facility management, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology, laboratories and production processes.

Which pressure gauges measure absolute pressure better? Those made by the market leader, Testo.

Absolute pressure meterwith fixed probes

Absolute pressure meter
Robust, high-precision measuring instruments for measuring absolute pressure. Also suitable for barometric altitude measurement.

Absolute pressure meter with connectable probes

Absolute pressure measurement
Measure a number of parameters with just one measuring instrument. Simply attach the appropriate probe and measure even the smallest pressures with high precision.


Measurement of absolute pressure
Large selection of optional probes with absolute pressure sensor that have been tried and tested many times – for high-precision measurement of absolute pressure, even in difficult environments.

Absolute pressure meter with fixed probes

Absolute pressure meter with connectable probes

Precisely designed for your application: absolute pressure measurement for commissioning, servicing and maintenance

What you should know about absolute pressure measurement

Depending on the application, pressure is measured either absolutely or relatively. In the process, every measured pressure relates to a reference value. With absolute pressure (notation: P abs) the reference value is absolute vacuum (0 bar) which corresponds to the vacuous space in the universe. Absolute pressure, which is not dependent on weather or height, therefore indicates the difference from the vacuum. An absolute pressure measuring instrument has three special features: 

  1. Only one hose connection.
  2. Only shows positive readings and cannot be zeroed.
  3. A sealed vacuum in the absolute pressure sensor (reference pressure).

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Measure absolute pressure – common applications in industry and technology

Alongside temperature and humidity, pressure is one of the most important and frequently measured physical measurement parameters. Measurement of the absolute pressure parameter is indispensable in numerous areas of work involving heating engineering, sanitation and air quality in rooms and buildings, but also in process engineering. Whether with a pure absolute pressure meter or in combination with other relevant measurement parameters – you will find the best possible pressure measuring instrument for every application at Testo:

1. Monitoring indoor air quality:

Absolute pressure is only one of many measurement parameters used for the reliable monitoring of indoor air quality. It is advisable to use measuring instruments which combine all the important measurements in one device, for example:

Here, you will find the appropriate pressure meter for your tasks.

2. Leak detection on air conditioning and refrigeration systems:

If a leak is suspected, a leak detector will trace the leakage quickly and reliably. This means you can immediately restore the cooling capacity and avoid any damage to the system.

3. Evacuating refrigeration systems and heat pumps:

If foreign gases, humidity and oils are removed when evacuating a system, the absolute pressure must also be checked

Evacuating refrigeration systems

testo 511 in pocket format

Small and accurate: measuring instrument with absolute pressure sensor

For engineers with high demands in terms of measurement data, the testo 511 is the first choice absolute pressure meter. In addition to absolute pressure, the handy instrument also measures the barometric altitude and calculates the barometric altitude pressure.

testo 511 in the webshop

Absolute pressure

testo 511 at a glance

  • High-precision: measures absolute pressure with +/-3 hPa.
  • Large measuring range: 300 to 1200 hPa.
  • Fits in any pocket: small, handy and practical.
  • Versatile: ideal for absolute pressure compensation with flow measurements using a Pitot tube.
  • Complete: also suitable for barometric measurements (local height above sea level and air pressure at sea level)

Further pressure measurement possibilities with Testo

Pressure parameters are important measurement parameters in refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology. In addition to the pure absolute pressure meter, Testo offers a complete range of all the important pressure measuring instruments – for professional and efficient work.
pressure measurement possibilities

Differential pressure measuring instruments

Always make sure you use the right pressure sensor. Because otherwise measurement errors may occur with serious consequences. Testo offers you the perfect pressure measuring instrument for every requirement. Measurement of differential pressure is one of the most common measurement parameters in this respect when it comes to air conditioning and heating. With a Testo differential pressure measuring instrument you are ideally equipped for Pitot tube measurement in ventilation ducts, checking filters in air conditioning systems and numerous other applications. Choose the right instrument for you from a multitude of instrument models and optional accessories.

Vacuum gauges

Is the evacuation of refrigeration systems one of your tasks? Then a Testo vacuum gauge is the ideal tool for you. As a multifunctional digital manifold or smart vacuum gauge with Bluetooth.

Digital manifolds

Would you like not just to measure absolute pressure, but all parameters which are relevant to the commissioning, servicing and maintenance of heat pumps and refrigeration systems? A digital manifold means you have numerous functions at your disposal in just one robust and handy instrument. The practical tools measure temperature, automatically calculate superheating and subcooling and can also deal with temperature-compensated leakage testing. And the best thing is: a practical App enables you to monitor the manifold via your smartphone or tablet, save the measurement results or send them by e-mail. Simply smart.