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Transmitters are also referred to as transducers and serve to configure classic physical quantities in such a way that they can become an electrical signal. This means that the transmitter is primarily used with electronic measuring instruments. This involves a variety of types, such as the temperature transmitter or the pressure transmitter. The conversion is made into normal signals, such as 4-20 mA. Many measuring instruments are now equipped to work with special standard quantities above all. The transducer is needed to enable the comparison and processing of various physical quantities.

When buying a transducer, there are several factors which you should check and compare:

  • What is measured?
  • What are the measuring ranges?
  • Is there integrated monitoring?
  • Is there an analog output (4-20 mA, 0-10 V)
  • How high is the accuracy?

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Transmitters – the different types

Differential pressure transmitter

Differential pressure transmitter

Compressed air meter

Compressed air meter

Dew point transmitter

testo humidity transducer

Transducers and their features





Transducers are now in constant use in the industrial sector. Much time is saved by the possibility of being able to convert physical quantities in this way. In addition, the conversion makes it possible to send the results, even over long distances, and to evaluate them. You have the option here of choosing from a variety of transmitters.

There are for instance transducers which are temperature transmitters. Areas where temperature plays an important role and has to be constantly monitored can be equipped with this transmitter. Measuring the temperature and converting it to standard quantities makes analysis even easier. This also applies to humidity transducers. The focus here is on humidity measurement. However, measuring instruments for temperature and humidity are also combined with one another in some cases. This means you save having to use two instruments.

Pressure transducers are an area in themselves, because there is again a distinction between different pressure versions here. The differential pressure transducer is particularly common and it is also capable of measuring flows in some cases. This enables a very high level of differentiation when it comes to identifying pressure ranges. This is an advantage in industry in particular.

Differential pressure transmitter

testo transmitter Ethernet

Transmitters for temperature and humidity

The humidity transmitter or the temperature transmitter are classic examples in terms of industrial use. You can find various designs of these instruments online with us. A very practical version of these is the combination with 2 analog outputs for you to use. The instrument can be fixed onto the wall and can therefore also be used for long-term measurements.

The temperature transducer has many advantages:

  • can be used in automated building services
  • high level of reliability
  • high level of accuracy
  • uninterrupted monitoring of temperature changes

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