High pressure gauge – handy aid for pressure measurement

Pressure has a particularly important function in many technical instruments and must not be underestimated in terms of its impact. It is important to keep an eye on pressure, in particular in the area of air conditioning and refrigeration technology.

The appropriate high pressure gauge enables optimum measurement of both high and low pressure. The well-founded values allow you to carry out a pressure measurement. This is a practical manifold.

The high pressure gauge has many advantages:

  • Easy pressure measurements on industrial systems
  • Easy handling
  • Mobile design
  • Overview of the measuring values for analysis
  • Leak detector in combination with the pressure gauge

High-pressure measuring instrument with smartphone operation

Smart Probes AC & refrigeration test kit with smartphone operation

Smart Probes AC & refrigeration test kit plus with smartphone operation

Digital manometer for pressure measurement

testo Smart Probes Refrigeration set

In the field of pressure measurement, the digital manometer is a factor which may be of interest to you. You can measure pressure in various areas using this instrument. You have the possibility of measuring negative pressure, overpressure and differential pressure. Depending on the instrument, digital manometers can be used for liquids, gases and air. It is very effective if the instruments have an internal memory. Because a digital manometer is normally used as a mobile instrument, the differential pressure gauge is used in a variety of locations. The problem here is that it is not always possible to analyze the data only on site. This makes data storage an optimum feature which you can benefit from.

The display of the readings on the digital manometer can help you get a result quickly.

Evaluation and analysis at the measuring point has now become indispensable for you in terms of mobile use. There is therefore a manometer for high pressure which also has a smartphone connection, and likewise one for low pressure. This means you can connect the manometer to the smartphone and get a display of the values here as well. The fields of application of a digital manometer are above all in the area of hydraulics and pneumatics and of mechanical and plant engineering, as well as with pumps and compressors.

Necessary and practical features of the digital manometer: 

  • Storage of measuring values
  • Handy design for mobile use
  • Manometer with smartphone connection
Smartphone manometer

High pressure measurement with the high pressure gauge

The high pressure manometer and also the classic high pressure gauge can be really helpful when you have to carry out pressure measurement. The instrument is a great help, particularly when it comes to troubleshooting on air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The leak detector is also a very practical addition. It supports you in searching for weak spots in the plant's systems and makes it easier for you to be able to control these weak spots again quickly.

Modern high pressure gauges have a number of advantages: 

  • Manifold for leak detection
  • Special instruments for high pressure measurement
  • Easy readout on the display

Smartphone manometer – the modern solution for pressure measurement

Nowadays, smartphone operation plays an important role in pressure measurement. You are often on the road at a customer's site with the differential pressure gauge or the manometer for high and low pressure. You therefore rely on mobile solutions. On-site analysis then becomes problematic. However, an instrument with smartphone operation can represent an ideal solution here.

The pressure measurement is carried out by the instrument. Connection to a smartphone, or also a tablet, enables you to transfer the values quickly and to carry out an analysis straight away. This means you can discuss the results with the customer or undertake necessary repairs and corrective measures directly on the machines.

High-pressure gauge operated by smartphone

Pressure meters in mobile use – Apps and software

For instance, the testo 549i is an instrument which has a mobile smartphone or tablet connection. This means you can carry out high and low pressure measurements. It can be quickly and easily installed on the pressure connection. You do not need much time here to enable measurements with the instrument to be performed straight away. You have very little refrigerant loss thanks to a hoseless application when you use the Testo instrument. In addition to the instrument, there is the option of using Testo's Smart Probes refrigeration kit if you work in air conditioning and refrigeration technology. Automatic calculation for condensation and evaporation temperature values is carried out via the appropriate App.

An overview of the equipment of the testo 549i is as follows: 

  • Operation via the free testo Smart App
  • Integrated calibration protocol
  • Automatic calculation of condensation and evaporation temperatures

Practical additions for the pressure gauge

The high pressure gauge for pressure measurement is an important part of your equipment. In order to be able to work effectively, you can also find practical instruments to supplement measurements at Testo. The absolute pressure meter, differential pressure gauge and leak detector are a very good manifold for you to rely on here. A vacuum gauge may also make sense.

With Testo, you have a reliable partner at your side if you are looking for a high pressure gauge. We have a selection of different models in our range. These instruments are often not just able to measure high pressure. Other pressure measurements can also be carried out.

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