testo Smart Probes HVAC kit

Order-Nr.  0563 0010

  • Smart Probes for wireless temperature measurement in a wide range of applications, measurement of gas flow/static pressure and measurement menu for pressure drop testing

  • In the kit: testo Smart Probe 915i, air probe, immersion/penetration probe, surface probe (all TE Type K, Class 1), testo Smart Probe 510i, Smart Case

  • Easy operation, evaluation and documentation with free testo Smart App as well as automatic Bluetooth® connection to smartphones, tablets or Testo measuring instruments (e.g. testo 400, testo 550s) 


Product Description

The testo Smart Probes HVAC kit offers everything for fast and flexible temperature measurement as well as differential pressure measurement: A wireless thermometer, an air probe, an immersion/penetration probe and a surface probe (all TC Type K, Class 1) are included with the testo 915i. The testo 510i is suitable for easy measurement of gas flow pressure and static pressure, as well as pressure drops on fans and filters.

Products in set

Delivery Scope

  • Thermometer with smartphone operation, Smart Probe testo 915i
  • Differential pressure measuring instrument with smartphone operation, Smart Probe testo 510i, incl. hose set (Ø 4 mm and 5 mm) with adapter
  • Air probe (TC Type K, Class 1)
  • Immersion/penetration probe (TC Type K, Class 1)
  • Surface probe (TC Type K, Class 1)
  • testo Smart Case for storage
  • Batteries
  • Calibration protocol

Technical Data


Temperature probes