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With emission measuring instruments from Testo.

Flue gas test for the optimization of combustion processes

How efficient is your combustion process? With measuring instruments from Testo, the key values in the flue gas can be determined easily and quickly. On this basis, you can optimize the process to protect the environment and save threefold: in energy, emissions and costs.

Energy demand and global sustainability

Climate protection is a top priority, and achieving the Paris climate targets is already part of many companies' business strategy. At the same time, increasingly strict legal requirements apply in many countries. However, reducing CO2 emissions remains an enormous challenge in many areas. Where processes require high temperatures, fossil fuels will continue to be needed for the time being.

Energy demand and global sustainability

Emissions: Ecology and economy

"The greenhouse effect is caused by gases in the earth's atmosphere. As is well known, the biggest role here is played by carbon dioxide (CO2), which is produced when fossil fuels are burned.

The more heat obtained from one unit of fuel, the lower the relative CO2 emission. The optimum operating range of a combustion plant is determined on the basis of the excess air: the smaller, the more efficient:

Optimum combustion is usually achieved if there is sufficient excess air and therefore oxygen for the complete combustion, but at the same time there is a low ceiling on the amount of excess air, so that as little hot flue gas and therefore thermal energy as possible is lost to the atmosphere.

Emissions: Ecology and economy

A crucial prerequisite for optimum efficiency is the analysis of the flue gas with precise determination of the proportions of O2, CO and CO2. The excess air is determined from these values. Experience shows that with one percentage point less excess air, the efficiency of a combustion plant increases by one percent.

For monthly fuel costs of 15 million euros for a medium-sized power plant, this means up to 150,000 euros can be saved.


Added to this are the savings in the emission rights required. These become - as a political intention - more and more expensive over time.

The unit of measurement for emission rights is the metric ton of CO2 equivalent (t CO2e).

In 2021, for example, a lignite-fired power plant with a capacity of 500 MW and annual emissions of approx. 3.8 million t CO2 could save approx. 2 million euros with a reduction of CO2 emissions by 1%.

co2 emission rights
Cost calculation
Cement works

Emission measurement for optimal combustion process

Precise knowledge of the flue gas components and the excess air in the flue gas is the basis for optimum adjustment of the combustion process.

With the mobile flue gas analyzers testo 340 and testo 350 you can determine the precise value immediately. The flexible measurement can also be used alongside stationary measurement systems to enable a differentiated view of the flue gas values and to react quickly to special situations.

How does the measurement work?

The compact flue gas analyzers testo 340 and testo 350 can be used at any measuring location. Equipped with suitable probes and sensors, they determine the relevant flue gas values and show them in plain text on the clear display. Typical applications include burners, industrial engines, gas turbines, thermal processes, power plants, and steel and cement plants.

See for yourself:

testo 340 application

testo 350 application

Save NOW!

Measure once, save three times: With process optimization based on flue gas analysis, you reduce energy consumption, emissions and costs. A one-time investment for lasting savings. Ask our experts today about the optimum configuration for your process!

testo 340 - flue gas analyzer for industry

The testo 340 is the ideal handheld measuring instrument for industrial flue gas analysis. The compact design combined with reliable technology offers maximum mobility, e.g. for international servicing assignments or for commissioning and for check measurements on combustion and power generation plants.

testo 340

testo 350 - emission measurement for the highest demands

Ideal for professional flue gas analysis and industrial emission measurement: The testo 350 flue gas analyzer performs a variety of measuring and analysis tasks, is impressive over the long term thanks to its heavy-duty industrial design and is also suitable for complex data acquisition.

testo 350


You don't have time to have sensors changed in a complicated way? No problem! We will show you how easy it is to change the probe yourself during your daily work - it couldn't be easier!

testo 340 sensor replacement

testo 350 sensor replacement

Measure 1x, save 3x!