testo 6631 - Temperature/humidity transmitter

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  • Transmitter with precise Testo humidity sensor that has long-term stability (±2.5 %RH)

  • Two analog outputs (humidity/temperature)

  • Built-in ventilator enables flow impact onto the sensor for recording an average climate in the greenhouse

  • Optimum protection of electronics and sensor from humidity influences (e.g. during sprinkler irrigation) thanks to integration of the probe in the housing

The testo 6631 temperature and humidity transmitter is designed for use in greenhouses and laboratories. Use the transmitter for reliable monitoring of critical climates in biological research.


Описание продукта

Ideal for use in greenhouses or laboratories: The testo 6631 temperature and humidity transmitter (measuring indicator) was specially developed for monitoring critical climates in biological research - so you can count on reliable measurement results.

The advantages of the testo 6631 temperature and humidity transmitter

High-quality, clever features:

  • Long-term stable and reliable thanks to the high-precision humidity sensor in proven Testo quality
  • Integrated ventilator for targeted flow impact onto the sensor – so you can record an averaged climate within greenhouse cells

Quick and easy commissioning and maintenance:

  • Parametrization, adjustment and analysis software (P2A)
  • Ventilator insert and plug-in cable enable quick, easy ventilator replacement
  • Easy replacement of the sensor and adjustment by means of a saline pot thanks to the easily accessible service opening

Комплект поставки

  • testo 6631 humidity/temperature transmitter (measuring indicator) for greenhouses and laboratories with selectable signal outputs including instruction manual
  • Optionally with display



P2A PC software

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Plastic protection cap

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