testo EasyClimate v3.4 SP1 - PC software

Номер заказа.  0501 0485

  • PC software for reading out the data from corresponding Testo measuring instruments (e.g. testo 480, testo 835)

  • Graphic and tabular presentation of the measurement parameters

Free download: PC software for graphic and tabular presentation as well as for evaluation of measurement parameters.

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The software is available as a free download.
Общие технические данные

Системные требования

Windows 7; Windows 8; Windows® 10

Связанные продукты

  • testo 480 Testo 480
    testo 480
    149 000,00 руб
    c НДС
  • testo 835-H1 testo 835-H1
    testo 835-H1
    36 500,00 руб
    c НДС
  • testo 835-T1 testo 835-T1
    testo 835-T1
    20 900,00 руб
    c НДС
  • testo 835-T2 testo 835-T2
    testo 835-T2
    44 900,00 руб
    c НДС