The testo 191 Professional software: Intuitive and clearly structured

Most software solutions for data loggers used for validation and qualification in the food industry are confusing and complicated. Thus, when developing the testo 191 Professional software, we particularly focused on making it as intuitive as possible to use. Because we believe that our data logger software is supposed to reduce your workload rather than increase it.
Testo HACCP software

Advantages of using the testo 191 Professional software

  • Preset process templates with guided work steps
  • Flexible evaluation of multiple or individual measuring cycles in just one click
  • Simple implementation of key calculations (e.g. holding phases, lethality, saturated steam quality)
  • Target/actual comparison of freely definable acceptance criteria
  • Visualization of the measurement set-up
  • Fast and comprehensive report generation
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How can the testo 191 HACCP data logger system help you specifically?

How the testo 191 Professional software works

Программирование логгеров данных

Считывание данных с логгеров

Визуализация данных измерений

Задание расчетов

Задание критериев соответствия

Анализ результатов

Визуализация измерительной локации

Конфигурирование и составление отчётов

of data loggers

of data loggers

the measurement data


acceptance criteria


the measurement set-up

and creating reports

How can the testo 191 HACCP data logger system help you specifically?