Hot ball probe (Ø 3 mm, digital) - including temperature sensor, wired

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  • Non-directional flow measurement with unknown flow direction

  • Integrated temperature measurement and absolute pressure compensation for accurate measurement results

  • Intelligent calibration concept

  • Flow measuring range: 0 to +10 m/s

The hot ball probe (in conjunction with the appropriate measuring instrument) is ideal for determining flow velocity and temperature.


Описание продукта

Use the hot ball probe (thermal anemometer) to determine flow velocity and volume flow. It is particularly suitable for low flow velocities of up to +10 m/s – primarily for non-directional, undefined air flows. The probe can also measure temperatures of up to +70 °C at the same time.

The hot ball probe is equipped with a telescope, which can be extended to a maximum length of 860 mm. With a diameter of just 3 mm, the probe is ideal for measurements in narrow, inaccessible places.

Intelligent calibration concept

The probe offers maximum digital measurement reliability. The digital probe allows readings to be processed directly in the probe. This technology eliminates instrument measurement uncertainty. The probe can be returned on its own (without the measuring instrument) for calibration. Calculating the determined calibration data in the probe generates a zero-error display.

Комплект поставки

Hot ball probe (Ø 3 mm) with telescope (can be extended to 860 mm) including fixed plug-in head cable.

Связанные продукты

Технические данные

Измерение температуры (сенсор NTC)

Диапазон измерений

-20 ... +70 °C


±0,5 °C

Скорость/объемный расход воздуха

Диапазон измерений

0 ... +10 м/с


±(0,03 м/с + 5 % от изм. знач.)

Общие технические данные

Диаметр наконечника трубки зонда

3 мм

Length telescope

860 мм


Центр загрузки