Connection cables

Length / structure connection cables

If our standard cable is too short, we can adapt the cable length to make it ideal for your requirements. Depending on probe type, we can implement cable lengths of up to 28 metres.

Particularly challenging ambient conditions

Depending on the structure of the cable insulation, a cable can be used in different areas of application. If the ambient conditions are particularly challenging, for example because the environment contains a lot of oil and fuel, we can manufacture a connection cable made of FEP or PTFE instead of the PVC cable. This cable can be used in air containing oil and fuel.

High ambient temperatures

We can also resort to special cables and therefore can offer you customized probes for measurements at high ambient temperatures. Thus, for example, a connection cable made of glass fibre is used for measuring air temperature in ovens. This can be used in ambient temperatures of up to +400 °C. This means that the entire air temperature probe, including connection cable, can be routed into the oven.

We would be happy to manufacture a customized probe for you.