Adjusting balanced ventilation systems (BVS) – with Testo technology

Increasingly well insulated buildings with increasingly well sealed shells lead to humidity and odours no longer being able to permeate through the joints. Added to this is the fact that fresh air can also not enter the house unhindered. This is where a balanced ventilation system (BVS) comes in: These ventilation-supported systems ensure an air exchange by introducing fresh air into the rooms and transporting used air, pollutants and odours away. This increases well-being and prevents moisture damage and mould:

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Indoor ventilation maintenance – here’s how it’s done

Indoor climate measuring instruments and probes from Testo support you in all phases of a BVS: From the planning phase through the optimum adjustment up to regular monitoring of the performance – intuitively, precisely and taking legal conformity into consideration. Indoor climate measurement technology from Testo can of course be used not only for centralized, but also for decentralized indoor ventilation.

Determining volume flow and air quantity in a ventilation duct

Indoor ventilation maintenance

With the testo 440 and the suitable hot-wire or vane probe, you determine volume flow in a duct quickly and precisely.

  • Correct commissioning and servicing of a ventilation system
  • Ensure efficient operation
  • Save measurement data and export for commissioning report

Testing air exchange rate
at vents

Adjusting indoor ventilation

With the testo 440, a vane probe (Ø 100 mm) and the corresponding testovent 417 flow straightener set, you determine the volume flow at supply or output air vents simply and without error.

  • Guarantee room load removalgewährleisten
  • Ensure sufficient fresh air supply and ventilation
  • Avoid draughts and noise formation

Measuring humidity and temperature in rooms

Air exchange rate

You record the air humidity and the air temperature in rooms in no time using the testo 440 and the suitable humidity/temperature probe.

  • Ensure a healthy indoor climate
  • Avoid mould damage
  • Protect building substance